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Front Load Washer Repair Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Washer Repair Maryland Heights

ASAP Appliance Repair Service in Maryland Heights, MO 63043 a premier residential washer repair service company. Our technicians will arrive on time to your home.  We a 5 star service and we're accredited as well as A rated with the BBB.  ASAP Appliance Repair provides affordable washer repair in Maryland Heights, MO 63043 in a reasonable time. We will provide you with a detailed diagnosis of the failed components on your washer. You will receive a written estimate including parts & labor.  Our vehicles fully stocked with the most common parts for your washer so you can get back to the laundry quickly. Below are some tips for homeowners in Maryland Heights, MO 63043 to prevent costly repairs to your washer. First run a clean washer cycle monthly on your washer.  Most washers have a clean washer cycle programmed in the controls.  Secondly remove and inanimate objects from pockets.  Things like coins, hair berets, pens, pencils, excessive amounts of hair, tissues, collar stays, golf tees, guitar picks and other small items will cause draining issues. Third pick the correct cycle per the clothes or items you are washing. For instance running light items on a heavy cycle can cause damage to clothing.  Also do not wash items that are too heavy for machine to handle.  It is a common complaint for washing machines to go off balance.  This happens most often when homeowners wash comforters and blankets. Keeping a machine balanced with these types of items can prove to be a difficult task.  Lastly most modern washers have suspended drums so it is extremely important to sort clothes and washables based on their weight.  Example you should not mix tee shirts with towels.  This will cause unit to go off balance and result in poor performance.
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