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Bosch Gas Dryer and Bosch Electric Dryer Repair Service in St.Peters, MO 63376

Dryer Repair Service in St.Peters, MO 63376

ASAP Appliance Repair Service in St.Peters, MO 63376 provides professional Bosch dryer repair service.  Our technicians are trained to service all models of Bosch appliances. This includes Gaggneau models as well. With our service vehicles fully stocked with Bosch factory parts and equipped with the proper equipment/tools to diagnose and repair your residential Bosch dryer in St.Peters, MO 63376. 

Maintaining your Bosch dryer is very important. We recommend to clean moisture sensors with scotch bite pad and hand soap.  Firstly using of fabric softener sheet in modern dryers can cause sensor or auto dry cycles to run ineffectively.  Secondly most manufactures do not recommend use fabric softener sheets for this reason.  Overtime the softener from the sheets coat these sensors and their performance declines.  If cleaned regularly these cycles will cooperate a little easier.  If cleaning the sensor doesn't help with drying the clothes completely you can simply switch to a Timed dry cycle and select your own temperature settings and cycle times.  This can save you money instead of calling a appliance repair service company and paying for a service fee or paying for parts replacement.

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